Inflight Fellatio


Because that’s how my mind works when I read something like this,

And all this is before the stewardesses come trawling through the cabin with their trolleys of comestibles and gift ware. “You wanna buy, meester? Very good rates. Yessss.” It’s worse than the Djemaa el Fna in Marrakesh.

in this article, Should We Pay To Pee On Planes?
New income stream? Now that’s rich humor.

Anyway, last week O’Leary came up with a new possible income stream. He suggested that his airline start to charge people for going to the lavatory during flights.

So, if Ryanair wants to charge for using the lavatories and they are over international air space, why not offer sexual favors for an additional fee? After all, it’s just an extension of what many airlines have been doing to their passengers for the past few years anyway.

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