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12 wounded as gunfire erupts at Kent car show

At least 12 people were shot at a crowded lowrider car show in Kent on Saturday, creating chaos as cars sped from the scene and frightened spectators ran for the safety of nearby shops.

Lowriders serve no useful sporting purpose and encourage violent crime. I hope that a Washington State politician will sponsor common sense lowrider legislation to ban these killer cars.

A fight broke out just before the shooting, which occurred at the La Plaza shopping center, Kasner said. It is in the 23200 block of Pacific Highway South, where it meets the Kent-Des Moines Road.

See? No doubt this fight was caused by a passionate debate over which car could bounce the highest with it’s air suspension. People with normalrider cars don’t carry on like this. How many more people must die before we ban cars with a “shoulder thing that goes up”?

“It was a good show, but a bad vibe,” said Cesar DePale, at a small gathering of self-described “veteranos” at a nearby detailing and body shop Saturday night.

He had been at the show, flaunting dancing hydraulics on his maroon 1986 Buick.

Flaunting his hydraulics? That’s just asking for trouble right there.

The restaurant owner, who did not want her name in the paper, said she had been intimidated throughout the weekend by the rowdy crowds at the car show. Before the shooting, she said, she saw two men fighting on a corner at the edge of the plaza.

Rowdy crowds gawking at flashy lowriders is a sure fire recipe for trouble.

Police haven’t confirmed yet whether the violence was gang-related, Sgt. Kasner said.

Now way could this be gang related. Gangs don’t cause crime, flashy hydraulics cause crime.

Sounds silly doesn’t it? Except that we’re going to see someone use statements very much like this to blame guns and lawful gun owners for gang related violence. And no one will point out how silly those statements are. Not to mention that the media will faithfully and unquestioningly publish those silly statements.

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  1. I hope they do ban them, Those cars are only driven by gang members causeing problems, bringing more violence and crime to areas and tearing up the roads that the tax payers pay for.

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