Follow Up On My First Aid Kit Post


Back in September I post The End Of The World First Aid Kit  and Part II.

Part II contained some discussion of emergency dental first aid kits and a few ideas for making your own. An enterprising company out of Australia is now selling Dentist In A Box emergency dental kits. They have two kits at two different prices.

I haven’t used these and thus can’t recommend them, but they are certainly worth looking at if you are planning for TEOTWAWKI.


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  1. I’ve got a couple good kits I picked up on Amazon, but I still had to add bits to round it out.

    Gotta admit I never thought about the dental stuff. Thanks for the tip

    • When I took a tactical medicine course some years back, the instructors told us that feet and teeth incapacitated more operators than anything else. The longest single lecture we had (two hours) was on foot care. Dental care was shorter and was mostly a practical lab.

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