Guess The Party Affiliation


An interesting article in the news from Trenton, NJ. It seems that the Mayor of the city has been arrested on corruption charges along with a number of other city officials.

FBI Arrests Trenton Mayor, Others in Corruption Probe

Federal authorities arrested Trenton, N.J., Mayor Tony Mack and more than half a dozen other people early Monday in connection with an ongoing corruption probe, NBC 4 New York has learned.

What’s missing from this and every other story about this investigation is Mack’s political affiliation. Which for the record, is Democrat. You know, the party of the working people.

In Mack’s first year in office in Trenton, a city of 85,000, he ran through a string of business administrators. The first resigned after a month, saying the mayor didn’t believe in “good government.” Another resigned just ahead of pleading guilty to embezzlement at another job.

Mack’s housing director quit after it emerged that he had a theft conviction. His chief of staff was arrested trying to buy heroin. His half-brother, whose authority he elevated at the city water plant, was arrested on charges of stealing.

Questions have also been raised about how he financed his campaign for mayor.

Yeah, working people.

Now, I now someone is going to pop up and suggest that there are just as many corrupt Republicans as Democrats. To which I’d say, please show me the articles about their arrests. Because you can be sure if a Republican Mayor was arrested by the FBI for public corruption, the headlines would include the word “Republican”.

And some people cling to the belief that the media isn’t biased.

Update: I found this page while searching around the Internet, Photos of New Jersey Politicians arrested over the past few years.

Nice melting pot of politicians in handcuffs.


    • That alone would make them smarter. Or maybe they aren’t crooks. If I were a gambling man, I’d bet on the latter.

      I’m going to update the post, because some new info has come to light.

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