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Chinese man mails himself to his girlfriend and nearly suffocates

To celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday, Hu Seng, from Chongqing city, thought it would be a nice surprise if he mailed himself – yes, his physical self – to his girlfriend.

Hilarity ensued when the package sort of “got lost” in the system and the expected delivery time of 30 minutes stretched out to three hours. During which Hu Seng failed to break out of a cardboard box and didn’t want to ruin the “surprise”. She would have been really surprised if she’d opened the box and he was dead.

For some reason this brings to mind the Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch.

As a police officer of mine has said many times, “If it wasn’t for stupid people, we wouldn’t have jobs.”

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  1. Mail Myself To You
    Words and Music by Woody Guthrie

    I’m a-gonna wrap myself in paper,
    I’m gonna daub myself with glue,
    Stick some stamps on top of my head;
    I’m gonna mail myself to you.

    I’m a gonna tie me up in a red string,
    I’m gonna tie blue ribbons too,
    I’m a-gonna climb up in my mail box;
    I’m gonna mail myself to you.

    When you see me in your mail box,
    Cut the string and let me out;
    Wash the glue off my fingers,
    Stick some bubble gum in my mouth.

    Take me out of my wrapping paper,
    Wash the stamps off my head;
    Pour me full of ice cream sodies,
    Put me in my nice warm bed.

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