In Which I Delve Into Politics


EMS politics, that is. If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that I’m not a member of the National Association of EMTs and you probably know why. I’ll recap, though. I don’t think that they do much of EMTs and paramedics and I don’t think that they do much to advance EMS as a profession. Mostly the leadership strikes me as a bunch of people patting each other on the back about what a great job they do. While it’s greatest value might be courses such as PHTLS, the fact that they have such courses to offer says more about the sad state of affairs that is EMS education in general.

So, where does the politics come in?

There are two people I know, one very well, the other a bit less so, running for leadership roles at the NAEMT. Neither are part of the “old boys network” because neither are boys, nor old. Both are very sharp people who want NAEMT to become the organization that it should be.

If you are a member of NAEMT I urge you to vote for, Aimee Binning for President Elect. You can read Aimee’s Statement of Candidacy here. I’ve only known Aimee for a couple of years now, but there is no question of her dedication to improving EMS, both locally and nationally.

I also urge you to vote for Jules Scadden for re-election as Director at Large. I’ve known Jules for several years and am constantly amazed at her drive to improve EMS and EMS Education. I’ve been privileged to teach with Jules and see her teach in other classes. Her’s is a real passion for EMS and she knows the impact EMs has on the lives of every day people. She knows what EMS can be and should be and works tirelessly to reach that goal.

National EMS leadership needs more people like Aimee and Jules and less of other people who seem to perceive positions such as these as a social club.

If either of these fine young women succeed in their efforts to be elected, I’ll pony up the money and join NAEMT again.


  1. I am a member of NAEMT, and I can tell you from first hand experience that the “Good old boy network” is alive and well in this organization. The membership is kept in the dark while MOST of the board make descisions which will effect us all. By electing Aimee & Jules we would be breathing fresh air into the stale board room. I have been nothing but dissapointed with the efforts of NAEMT thus far, I see this election as a glimmer of hope. Thank you for writing this, hopefully the message is getting out there.

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