Chicago reaches 500 homicides with fatal shooting

CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago has logged its 500th homicide of 2012.

The last time the city reached the 500-homicide mark was in 2008, when the year ended with 512 killings. Last year, city records show Chicago had 435 homicides.


Mayor Rahm Emanuel must be so proud!

Lest you forget Illinois and Chicago in particular have the strictest gun control laws in the nation. It makes a nice laboratory experiment for gun control. Of course, scientists learn from the mistakes. All politicians learn from theirs is to make better mistakes.

At a rate of over two per day, this is likely not the last homicide in the year in Chicago.

For those keeping track of the fun in Detroit, they have over 300 for the year so far,

A poll released by the Detroit News that month found that 40 percent of city residents planned to leave Detroit within the next five years, and cited crime as the biggest challenge they faced in the city.

Think of that the next time someone tells you we need stricter gun control.

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