No more calls folks, we have a winner!


For moron of the year, that is.

Ambulance gets ‘booted’ while paramedics tend to emergency

The paramedics “heard a loud noise,” and the vehicle came to a screeching halt, according to Jeb Tate, spokesman for New Orleans Emergency Medical Services.

The medics stepped out and found a boot on their ambulance.

So, they responded to a call at the store and while in the back of the ambulance working on the patient some genius of a convenience store clerk decided it would be a good idea to put a “Denver Boot” on the EMERGENCY VEHICLE WITH IT’S LIGHTS FLASHING!

You just can’t get much more stupid than that. Once they realized the situation, employees of the store came out and removed the boot, but the tire on the ambulance was flat and another unit had to be called to transport. Which of course delayed the patient’s care. Assuming the patient lives, I would think that he might contact an attorney about this.

Oh, but it gets better,

 Convenience store not licensed to boot

“A private business can boot vehicles as long as it is a booting service business. That business would need to be licensed with the city of New Orleans. Even with a license, a booting service is prohibited from booting any marked emergency vehicle. Quicky’s convenience store is not operating as a licensed booting service. What happened last week was unacceptable. The city is reviewing its enforcement options.”

Doubling down on stupidity by using faked signs and a number that rings right back to the store, not the company that they allege they are using to apply the boots. Just makes that law suit idea all that much more intriguing, doesn’t it?

So the store owner (or someone) reacted to all of this by throwing his employee under the bus. Or did he throw him under the ambulance? I guess in New York, it would be the same thing.

Man who booted ambulance issued citation, fired

“The guy that did this, he came from another country. He didn’t even know what an ambulance looked like. He’s been fired,” said Ali Colone, a man identified as a worker at Quicky’s. The owners declined to comment, but Colone said the owners are sorry it happened.

“We just have rules and regulations that we have to follow by. There are signs out here for our regular customers,” Colone said.

Keep talking Ali, who is NOT the owner, just ask him. These guys sound like prize packages, every one of them. They charge $5.00 to park in their lot so you can shop in their store? Or do they charge $5.00 if you don’t buy something? Or both?

A worker at Quicky’s convenience store said the employee, identified in a police report as Ahmed Sidi Aleywa, who booted a working ambulance Friday has been fired.

Plus he was cited by the police for simple criminal damage. Good luck to the court system finding that guy and getting the fine paid.

Come to think of it, Ahmed Sidi Aleywa is not a moron. He’s a stooge, that’s for sure. No doubt he’s a sleaze ball, along with everyone else who works in that store. I’d say that he’s more asshole of the year than moron of the year. Not to mention his bosses. Who, if this had not become a news story would be happy to collect the “fee” for booting the ambulance.

Of course in many other cities, Aleywa would not have been cited, he’d have been arrested on the spot. But, it’s New Orleans, and that’s a very, very, different city.


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