I’ll Believe There Is A Crisis…


when the people who keep telling me there is a crisis start acting as if there is a crisis.

Watching the NFL play off today there were a lot of commercials being shown. Which isn’t anything new. Some of them were for soon to be released movies. All but one of these movies shows various actors shooting pretend guns at each other. Or maybe real guns, but with all the computer generated graphics used in place of actual acting these days it’s hard to tell. I’ll exempt one of the movies (Zero Dark Thirty) because it’s a war movie and you can’t really have a war movie without weapons. The other movie that didn’t have gun play in the previews was a comedy called “Identity Thief”.

The other movies were all action adventure movies, Hansel and Gretal come to mind, and some other thing called “Parker” and something else called “Bullet to the Head”. How sensitive is that one to the victims of violence the Hollywood Hypocrites emote over so much?

Which brings me to my conclusion. The people in Hollywood who are so piously telling us that gun owners are contributing to crime are nothing less than lying sacks of shit hypocrites. Not only for making movies full of gratuitous violence, but you can be damned sure that everyone of them has body guards when they go out in public. Said body guards are no doubt armed. We mere peons conversely, are supposed to turn out firearms into man hole covers and statues to love and peace which will be placed in front of the United Nations building.

I have a better idea. I just won’t go to your dumb movies. Nor will I watch them on Pay Per View, buy your DVDs, or any product that you hype in your movies or anywhere else. Same goes for performers of all types. You try to sell my some line of bullshit about a peaceful society by making money glorifying violence, I’m just not interested in doing business with you.

If you’re all that dead set against violence, eliminate from your movies, TV shows, songs, videos, and other products you peddle.

I won’t be holding my breath for that.


    • Especially with this Administration. Frankly, I wouldn’t want the government to try to censor these movies or any video games. Which is not the same thing as potential consumers of those products expressing their displeasure.

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