The Coming Battle


Actually it’s here. New York has passed a law punishing law abiding citizens while doing not one thing to put criminals in prison or reduce crime. Massachusetts is in a rush to catch up and do it’s bit to deny citizens their rights.

There was a rally at the Massachusetts State House last Saturday to protest the proposed laws.

Many people spoke, but this guy was the best by far. He survived Tiananmen Square and he knows what happens when the citizenry is disarmed. And make no mistake, the goal is not “common sense” gun laws, the ultimate goal is total confiscation of all guns from civilian hands.


Your “hunting rifle” with a scope this week, will become a dangerous “sniper rifle” next week. The shotgun you bought for trap shooting will be too dangerous for you to own. Don’t believe me? Ask the people of Canada, England, and Australia.

Oh, I forgot to mention it, but your hunting ammunition will be banned because it meets the definition of “cop killer” ammunition. Somehow they never seem to get around to differentiating between hand gun ammunition and common hunting rounds. Ooops.

If you’re a gun owner, now is the time to take a stand. Write or call your elected officials and express your opposition.

If there are rallies scheduled, take the time to attend.

Oh, and donate. Remember the outrage on the left about “corporate money” and how bad a decision the Supreme Court made in “Citizens United”? Well, this is what that was all about. While your voice, my voice, and my neighbor’s voice individually might not be heard, when we combine them by donating to organizations such as the NRA, the Second Amendment Foundation, and Gun Owners of America, as well as state organizations, our voices are amplified. Money is speech.

If you live in a state where you think this can’t happen, don’t fool yourself. Get out ahead of this, by becoming active now.



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