A great trip. I met a lot of interesting people, including some bloggers that I hadn’t heard of before. I got to see some nice products, bought a few, and hopefully will get to review a couple more in the near future.
It’s going to take me a day or so to get caught up, but then look for some new posts. Maybe even one or two with EMS in them.

Oh, if you were watching any media conference of the NRA Annual Meetings and heard reference to more than six protestors, they were lies. Six was the maximum and that was on Friday. By Sunday it was down to four. One attractive young woman spinning a Hula Hoop around her hips and carrying a sign. Another was a guy dress like Cookie Monster. The other two were dressed normally, but held up the typical signs. There were more people watching them than there were protestors. There was even more media watching them than there were protestors.

No gave an official estimate of attendance, but I heard that over the three days that the exhibit hall was open about 80,000 people walked through. It sure seemed like it on Saturday as the hall was packed and it was a chore just to move from exhibit to exhibit.

More later, as I said.

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