Mystery ECG


A student brought this to me from one of her field shifts with a local ambulance service.


Can anyone identify the type of artifact?

Hint #1. It’s not 60 cycle artifact.

Hint #2. It’s not the patient brushing their teeth during the 12 Lead.

Hint #3. It’s very uncommon right now, but will probably be more common in the future.

Well, the last isn’t really a hint, but it’s all I’m going to say for now.

Please feel free to answer in the comments.


    • It’s nerve stimulator, but not in the back. It’s a bladder stimulator to treat incontinence. What was you clue to the answer?

      • That it’s not common right now, but will be in the future? ….and it’s not 60-cycle haha

        This was new to me! Thanks for sharing this. Now I need to learn something about nerve stimulators.

      • 1 it is not in all leads, so it is not caardic in origin,
        and now that U said it is bladder stimulator, i can see that the artifact is only in inferior leads ( II III AVF)

        • I wonder if those leads have developed a complex after being called inferior all these years? We might need to hold a telethon and get money to rename them.

  1. Thats why medics shouldn’t be on there phones’ during a call. That’s GSM interference.

  2. Looks like a focal tremor. cause are maybe DT(delirium tremens) or Parkinson disease??

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