And Now For Something Completely Different


As I mentioned yesterday, there is no shortage of AR pattern rifles out there, each with it’s own claim to both uniqueness and superiority.

There was one that really did stand out from the crowd, at least from an engineering aspect. MGI makes the “Hydra” AR 15. What’s unique about it is the completely modular nature of it’s design. Owners can change calibers easily because the mag well and barrel are easily interchangeable. The barrel is held in by a locking system, not the usual threaded nut. The mag well is held in place by the

Who ever designed this paid attention in engineering school.

I don’t know how well it shoots or how reliable it is, but the design sure is cool. The nice lady in the video had been assembling and disassembling the rifle for three days, so she is well practiced. Still, it looks like an easy system to take apart and put together.

It is a nice concept and it will be interesting to see how it works out in the real world.

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