Day Two Of The Show


It was really too crowded on the exhibit hall floor to see anything on Saturday. Sardine can tight as the saying goes. A lot of people who work normal jobs during the week spent their day looking at the new and not so new products and services. I spent some time wandering the floor, got a couple of pictures and went back to the hotel to put together a blog post. I have more pictures and information to post about, but it will likely have to wait until after I get home. There are some neat looking new products out there. Some don’t even cost an arm and a leg and perform their functions well.

Who builds AR pattern rifles? Everyone. Seriously, just about every big firearms manufacturer makes an AR rifle. A number of smaller companies make only AR rifles and or accessories. Each of them claim some special feature or process that makes theirs better than everyone elses.

One AR was different and I got video of what makes it so. I’ll embed that in a post for tomorrow.

After the exhibit hall closed a small group, OK a medium sized group, gathered at a local micro brewery and pizza shop for food, drinks, and conversation. As always the conversations were not only about guns, but about any subject you can imagine and a few that you probably can’t unless you were part of the group. Most of us were bloggers or friends of bloggers, but not all. A group of people with divergent opinions gathered in a place where beer was served and had a good time.

Some of them were even armed with guns and knives. Imagine that! No one got out of control, no spontaneous fights broke out, no firearms mysteriously jumped out of their holsters and started shooting. Why, there were even children there.

Scandalous behavior I tell you.

Today (Sunday) was back to what passes for work and more wandering the exhibit hall. Lots of cool pictures and comments to follow over the next few days.


  1. Speaking as someone who had met well over 1/3 of the attendees (the Indy/ midwest group) I can assure you that many were carrying at least one firearm and likely several knives….and possibly other weapons.

    Yet that room was quite possibly the safest in Indy that night.

    • Yes it was. We were a bit noisy, but when that many people having that many opinions are holding that many simultaneous conversations in a room with the acoustic characteristics of that location (whew) it’s going to be noisy.

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