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British Pathé Uploads Entire 85,000-Film Archive to YouTube in HD

British Pathé, the U.K. newsreel archive company, has uploaded its entire 100-year collection of 85,000 historic films in high resolution to YouTube.

The collection, which spans 1896 to 1976, comprises some 3,500 hours of historical footage of major events, notable figures, fashion, travel, sports and culture. It includes extensive film from both World War I and World War II.

“Our hope is that everyone, everywhere who has a computer will see these films and enjoy them,” British Pathé GM Alastair White said in a statement. “This archive is a treasure trove unrivaled in historical and cultural significance that should never be forgotten. Uploading the films to YouTube seemed like the best way to make sure of that.”

Since I’m a history geek, I’ll be spending a lot of time perusing this archive, all 3,500 hours of it, but the World War II and Korean War stuff in particular. There’s a lot more of course, including interwar news, World War I, non war stories. Maybe I’ll even find some Amelia Earhart stories, although she’ll likely remain missing.

Remember, the past is like a foreign country, they do things differently there.



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