More New Items From the NRA Meetings.


Some more interesting items I found while wandering the exhibit hall at the NRA Meetings.


Slogan Outdoors Sling

I bought this sling because it felt so good on the sample rifle at their booth. It has two attributes that might actually make it better than other slings. First, it’s slightly sticky so that it doesn’t slide off the shoulder when slung for carrying. Second, it’s elastic, so that it locks up tightly without being uncomfortable to shoot with. I’ve put it on one of my rifles and will do a report with pictures when I get to the range. This comes from Slogan Outdoors and is available at their site.

Sticky Holster

Speaking of sticky, here is the Sticky Holsters holster for my Bersa Thunder 380CC. Despite Tam’s derisive comments (not on line) I found the combination pretty comfortable to carry while in Indy. Despite Indiana’s unrestrictive open carry laws, I mostly pocket carried and found the combination comfortable and inconspicuous. Enough so that I was laughing while Tam was making her comments, which Ambulance Driver used in turn to try to embarrass her. As if. Anyway, I liked the combination and it’s reasonably priced, so if you have a gun you don’t carry often, it’s a viable option.

Wheel of Correction Target

Next up are Shooters Wheel of Correction targets by EZ2C. Billed as “Beginner Targets”, they’re also likely to be useful for more experienced shooters who have developed bad habits. At $7.50 for 25 (13 right hand, 12 left hand) they aren’t cheap enough to use for everyday shooting, but they are useful for helping to diagnose and correct common errors. I’ll be giving them a try with some new shooters to see if they help correct problems.

Walther CPP Left

Walther CPP Right

Last is the new Walther CCP “Concealed Carry Pistol”. It’s yet another polymer framed, single stack, 9mm self defense firearm aimed at the market for polymer framed, single stack, 9mm defense pistols. This one generated a lot of interest at the Walther booth. It features a gas delayed blowback system which Walther is marketing under the “Softcoil” name. The design is meant to reduce felt recoil while still maintaining the effectiveness of the 9mm round. It also allows for a lighter recoil spring, which is intended to make cycling the slide manually easier than on other pistols. The gun seems to be targeted towards women and anyone who is recoil averse and might have difficulty cycling the slide. It will be available in both stainless and black Cerakote slide versions. When I spoke with the Walther representative, I asked her if there would be a version for states that have special restrictions or requirements. After making a face which indicated what she thought of those states (I agree with her) she said yes, but not for a while. If that ever does happen, I’ll try to get one for T&E purposes. Of course by then everyone else on the planet will have reviewed the gun, so it might not happen.

More comments and reviews to follow.


  1. Despite Indiana’s unrestrictive open carry laws, I mostly pocket carried…

    They’re great for pocket holsters; it’s when people try and use ’em as IWBs that they… er, fall down on the job. 🙂

    • Ahh, context for the comment. 🙂 I can see your point about that. There’s another pocket holster that I carry my J frame in. It’s great for pocket carry, but the IWB version lacks support, so I don’t use it. I wouldn’t trust anything without some sort of retention clip for IWB use. Hence we agree. Well about the holster, I suspect you’ll still snicker at the thought of me carrying a Bersa. 😉

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