Funny or Die


Although with the Clinton’s people probably shouldn’t make death jokes.

Anyway, this popped up on the Internet a few days ago. It’s from the site I’ve never heard of Zack Galifanakis, but I guess he’s been in a couple of movies. He does this show “Between Two Ferns” and it’s “broadcast” on the website. Well, now that it’s gone sort of viral, as the saying goes, you can find it a bunch of places.

In this episode, he interviews Hillary Clinton. I think it’s the real Hillary Clinton, because while someone can be made to look like her, I don’t know that someone can impersonate that screech of hers.

I don’t know who on her campaign staff told her this would be a good idea, but that person is probably unemployed now. It’s pretty clear by the end that she had no idea what she was getting into.

Take a look and don’t say I didn’t warn you.  It’s only about five and a half minutes long, so you won’t kill too much time.


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