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I would like to say that this was due to the Canadians being Gun Fearing Wussies (GFWs). Unfortunately I can’t because reading the article reminded me of this incident shortly before General Joe Foss’s death. He was detained at the airport in Phoenix because he had a “sharp object” around his neck. Which turned out to be his Medal of Honor for air combat over Guadalcanal in 1943. People should have been fired for that, after they apologized to the General for their rank stupidity. Of course they weren’t because he was no doubt more of a gentleman then I’ll ever be.

Before the TSA, airport security was incompetent, nasty, and inconvenient. After the TSA it’s all changed. Now it’s inconvenient, incompetent, nasty, and paid for with increased fees on travelers. Not to be personally insulting but most of the TSA personnel I’ve encountered couldn’t get hired by McDonalds.

All of this has had an effect on air travel. People are driving more, using email, and teleconferencing more to avoid air travel. I went to Baltimore earlier this year and chose the eight hour drive over the ninety minute flight for reasons cited in the report. I’m going there again later this year and if not for the fact that my elderly mother-in-law is traveling with us, I’d probably drive again. Even with gas prices the way they are currently, two or three people can drive anywhere within a twelve hour trip for less than the airfare with the added benefit of not having to rent a car when they get there.

The government and airlines need to smarten up or air travel will continue to decline. Which probably means air travel will continue to decline.

Taking. Something. Always. It just gets worse and worse.

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  1. I absolutely refuse to ride in one of those overrated, cramped, flying cattle cars unless it is absolutely necessary.

  2. From the current article:”‘The screening officer involved made a judgment call, rather than refer to CATSA’s standard operating procedures,’ Dave Smith, director of screening operations with CATSA, wrote in a letter to Norys.”CATSA claims that the screeners should not think!”But Norys isn’t satisfied with the explanation and says the real issue is institutional.’The problem wasn’t that she didn’t follow operating procedures,’ she said.’It’s that she didn’t use her judgment at all and she’s not allowed to use her judgment as an officer at the bottom of the line.”I blame the system, not just her.'”Well, I couldn’t have put it better myself. We create rules to make our decisions for us and we end up with a bunch of thoughtless idiots incapable of thinking.

  3. “48% of frequent[flyers]…one third overall…are unhappy with the travel experience”. Of course, the survey was conducted only amongst those who had completed at least one round-trip flight in the last 12 months. Those of us who have given up flying all together for road trips don’t factor into those percentages. I suspect that those dissatisfaction numbers are artificially low.

  4. This explains why in the DC area, TSA personnel are referred to as “Too Stupid for Arbys” employment. If you’ve ever seen the quality of folks that are employed there (the ones that speak English,anyway), you’d understand what I mean.I refuse to fly anymore. Used to love it. Even requested an aisle seat to oogle the stews…now?Would never make it to my seat because I’d be under arrest for decking the first TSA dweeb that laid a hand on me while totally ignoring Habeeb strolling by unmolested lest they be accused of “profiling”. *heavy sigh*

  5. As a FORMER road warrior that was flying in excess of 100,000 miles a year world-wide, I’m glad I’m retired and I only fly when I have to…

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