What has two thumbs…


and doesn’t give a crap?

Me. About this. I know that people on the left seem to think that as a nation we need to have our existence validated by Europeans, but we don’t. From it’s inception our country was designed to be the anti-Europe. No kings, no ruling class, no state religion, that whole keeping and bearing arms thing.

We were pretty much founded along the lines of people coming here and succeeding or failing on their own merits and by their own efforts. We haven’t always achieved that ideal, but we’ve always done better than Europe has. We certainly have a better record in respecting people’s rights. Internment camps in WWII might have been bad, but no one was executed in them. Certainly Europe can’t say that. Europe’s history of welcoming immigrants and minorities isn’t anything to brag about either.

I won’t even start on the two times US soldiers died to protect and liberate Europe. Or the billions we spent during the Cold War to defend countries that wouldn’t defend themselves.

To think that we owe any sort of explanation or deference to Europe is ridiculous on it’s face.

People are leaving Europe as fast as they can. From Germany. From Britain. From France. Even illegal immigrants are trying to get out of England. How bad is your country when Afghanis try to leave because the weather and health care are better in Kabul?

Sorry Telegraph, but most of us just don’t care what Europe thinks about the US. We will however, remember your opinion next time you need to be bailed out. Maybe we’ll just decide to stay home, drive our cars, watch our stupid TV, shoot our guns, and be the dumb asses you seem to think we are for electing George W. Bush not once, but twice. Let us know how that works out for you.

Update: The incomparable Victor Davis Hanson expresses some similar thoughts to mine, the difference being that he’s much smarter and a better writer.

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  1. I’m not sure that you see the big picture here, Mr. TOTWTYTR. How do you measure our American indecency and immorality if you don’t have Europe and the EU as the yardstick for All That Is Good and True? We’re what’s wrong with the world, don’t you see? Barrack Obama…uh…um…said it…um…uh…eventually. Hillary tried to say it, but nobody is listening anymore. John Kerry said it when he wasn’t tossing someone else’s medals over some wall. Ted Kennedy said it before his speech started slurring even more than it used to. The same sentiments even came out of Barney Frank’s mouth before…well, do we really need to go there?So what that we bailed Europe’s sorry asses out of two world wars, or that we continued to protect them then later when they couldn’t, or more realistically wouldn’t. I want to know what have we done for them lately?You seem like a good boy. You just need to get your mind right.

  2. That’s me, just another misguided yout. Just remember Obama is full of hope and change and other good stuff. A bit short on ideas, though.

  3. 100% agree with you there; why should we care what a bunch of people on the other side of the world think about us?

  4. “Just remember Obama is full of hope and change and other good stuff. A bit short on ideas, though.”Excellent point.

  5. i like ur blog very much and read it with a smile on my face, i am british and im proud to be british, i dont have anything against america, quite the contrary, i think its a nice place, just because of what one paper says, doesnt mean that thats wat every one in europe, or just britain for that matter thinks, just bare that in mind!

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