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It’s Father’s Day


Not “Do what is convenient for other people, by the way we want you to grill something, I have a list of chores for you do to” Day. That’s the other 364 days of the year.

For Father’s Day I want to do what a lot of mothers do on Mother’s Day. Nothing that I don’t want to.

I’ll get to your highly important stuff, between watching commercials portraying fathers as clueless dolts, Monday.

Speaking of commercials, I guess fathers are supposed to think those are cute and will entice us to give money to companies that portray us as idiots.

I. Don’t. Think. So.

This means you Arbella Insurance, among other companies.

To my fellow Dads. Sleep late, go to the range, golf or shooting, hang around doing nothing, go fishing, don’t mow the lawn today, and most of all enjoy your kids.

Take the time now to enjoy watching them grow up. They turn into adults before you know, which is a different kind of joy.

That’s today’s message. Which I wrote a couple of days ago so I wouldn’t have to do it today.

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