2008 Northeast Bloggershoot


SMLE No4 MkII? Check.
Mosin Nagant 91/59? Check.
Ruger 10/22? Check.
S&W Model 10? Check.
S&W Model 18? Check.
Walther P22? Check.
S&W 6906? Check.
Various ammo for all of the above? Check.
Stupid MA gun locks for long guns? Check.
Various tools and stuff? Check.
Bug spray? Check.
Directions? Check.
Targets? Check.
Camera? DOH!

There will be no pictures from me, but tomorrow I’ll have links O’ plenty to the people who brought all that I did, and more and DIDN’T forget their cameras.

A great time was had by all. We threw a ton of lead and copper down range, and destroyed various items, but it was all in good fun. Sarah Brady would not be amused. Not that we cared.

More tomorrow as I’m just now finishing cleaning the MilSurps in which I used corrosive ammunition.


First I’d like to add my thanks to everyone else to our most gracious host Doubletrouble and his better half. Even if he knew what he was getting into, I’m convinced that he would have still invited us.

JayG over at MArooned as many pictures as I do. As he notes, he was running around like the maniac he is, being ring master and range master for this shooting circus. Thanks for putting this together.

It was nice to meet Bruce from Nolookingbackwards. I’ve been looking forward to that and it was even better to find out that he’s double you over with laughter funny. Even if he did launch a piece of .45ACP brass down the back of my shirt. That shit his HOT.

Lissa, your outfit was fine. We boring old guys need young women like you to destroy the stereotype of gun owners as, uh, boring old guys. It only took Lissa a few rounds to master cycling my Enfield No4 Mk2, although I think it might weigh almost as much as she does. Next time you get to try the Mosin-Nagant and anything else you didn’t get a chance to try yesterday. Then again, I’ll probably bring a totally different selection. Which just means you get to try more guns you’ve never shot. Thank YOU for letting me help a new shooter discover the joy of shooting.

Speaking of the 91/59, everyone was impressed with the muzzle blast of that beast, even though a couple of other people had other variations of the same rifle.

I got to meet Marko, another great blogger I’ve long wanted to meet. If you’ve never read his post Why the Gun is Civilization go now and do it.

Nice to meet Weer’d, although neither he nor his beard are.

A pleasure to meet Ted, JD, and Liberty, as well as the non bloggers who were there.

I’ll add my shameless plug for Paul from STATE LINE GUN SHOP. Thanks for bringing some very interesting firearms and letting our motley crew fire them.

I couldn’t believe the number and variety of guns that were there. There was much sharing of tips, history, weapons, and of course bullsh…, that is sharing of anecdotes.

Everyone had a great time and even a torrential downpour couldn’t dampen our spirits.

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