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Pinellas Deputies: Victim Grabs Gun, Shoots Kidnappers

They say that texting while in the car is dangerous, but I’m not sure that this is exactly what they had in mind.

But Strange lowered the gun to his lap to begin text messaging, and Longley grabbed the weapon, deputies said.

Arrests have been made, according to this report.

Alternate headline “Sumdoab shot with own gun while texting on phone

Yeah, I’m going to have to add a new post label.

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  1. The second rule of kidnapping is “don’t put down the gun, where the victim can reach it, to send a text message.”Jimmy Hoffa would still be around if these clowns had anything to do with his disappearance.

  2. Dumbasses…I love ’em. Have to say one of my favorite things about Florida is that you’re not only allowed but encouraged to shoot people in self-defense.


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