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While watching the news on TV with Mrs. TOTWTYTR we saw a segment with Senator Obama urging people to vote by absentee ballot. He was spewing some twaddle about voter’s cars breaking down on election day and voting early would prevent that sort of thing.
“As if they called the Obama headquarters and told them they needed a ride to the polls, no one would come”. opined the Mrs.

Which is a good point. Mrs. TOTWTYTR speculated that the Obama campaign wants people to vote early because they are worried that some bad news will come out about The One between now and November 4. If the ballots are already in the mail, then it will be too late for people to change their minds.

Which is something that never occurred to me, but seems to make some sense.

To which I’ll add that a lot of voters don’t make up their minds until they are in the voting booth. If you vote by absentee ballot, you can’t change your mind or your vote at the last minute.

Just some things to think about.

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  1. Mrs TOTWTYTR and I think along the same lines. All this early voting stuff makes me wonder why…Several weeks ago I had a nightmare that Obama and his wife were chasing me down, bugging me to vote for him, and wouldn’t leave me alone…At the time, I blamed it on the Percoset…Then again, I’m paranoid and suspicious of everyone and everything…Of course, is it paranoia if they really are out to get you?

  2. Only time I voted absentee was in 2000, because I had a business trip OUT OF THE COUNTRY.Fix your cars or carpool, people.

  3. If they are out to get you, you’re wary. The problem is knowing if they are or not. Ted, you’re right. That’s how abstentee balloting should work. Being too frigging lazy to go and vote isn’t a good reason.

  4. My polling place is less than a mile away. I’ve pushed my kids in a stroller there to vote.No excuse. None. They want people to vote by absentee ballot SO THEY CAN CHEAT.It’s what they do, like photosynthesis to a plant…

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