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Mapping the Changes


UPDATE: Most of the pages have disappeared leaving only a generic one page description. Either they are in for retooling or they are no longer operative. Pretty much the way his campaign web site ran. Embarrassing pages just went down the memory hole.

Office of the President Elect is a site that outlines the plans for the incoming President. It should be interesting to see how much and how quickly he can achieve his lofty goals. Someone should cache the pages just to see if the stated goals change over time.

HMMMMM, well, that didn’t take long. Between the time I wrote the first draft of this and it’s publication (less than 24 hours) the page has already changed. Via Instapundit.

Looks like the change.gov site is true to it’s title – it changes!

During the time when I was looking at the blog you linked to concerned mandatory community service the change.gov page saying “require community service” changed to goal for community service. The new wording is:

Lofty and expensive. Hard to see how he’ll do all this with the economy in the state it’s in.

Of course this could also be a back door entry to a return of the draft. Expanded of course for people who want to serve but not in the military. Require everyone upon college graduation to serve in some way? If they add in service as a prerequisite to being able to vote, we’re heading right into “Starship Trooper” territory. The excellent book, not the putrid movies. But I digress.

While you’re reading, you might also want to glance at this.

Seems that every person and nation around the world might not instantly love us as we were assured would happen. Maybe they didn’t get the memo from Olberman or something. Might just be something to that “strong horse, weak horse” theory.

Thanks to Law Dog for the link and the heads up.

As the songs goes, “The easy parts over now…

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  1. We all agree that what is ahead will not be easy.The important thing to realize is that you wouldn’t have expected McCain’s changes to go into effect over night, now would you? Give President-Elect a chance to hang himself on his own accord–just like GWB did, and MOST of the presidents prior.Don’t be disillusioned that this is someone a path for instant disaster. Nothing comes from hanging out on party extremes when what we obviously need right now is a centrist(and neither candidate represented such).Godspeed.

  2. I have to disagree. McCain is not viewed by anyone as being conservative on any issue other than national security. Which is why he gets along so well with Joe Lieberman. The real problem for Obama is that he has no time, there will be no honeymoon period. Internationally our enemies see him as weak. Despite the celebrations in other nations, the people who run some of those nations don’t like the US and will try to use his inexperience against us. Domestically, everything he seems to be proposing will increase government spending, when what we need is to reduce it.

  3. Found you by way of EMS guy…and I posted the same thing about the COW’s(citizen of the World) plans for the Country. I got my links from This Ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here”. A left-minded thinker tried to tell me that it never said “required”! It did. Then he tried to say it wasn’t communistic. It is. Then, he said no neo-con plan has ever worked in 30 years and it was time for European socialism. (WTF!?!!!)I told him I was glad I had religion, guns and some bitterness to get me throught the next four years at which time it would suck to be him.

  4. That was me and I do not know how to get my typekey in to make it publish my name….DefendUSA. Thanks, DefendUSA

  5. The only reason that European socialism has worked since the 1950s is that they have not had to fund large standing armies. The US did that for them so they could have their short work weeks, long vacations, paid parental leave, and so on. That and their penchant for encouraging large populations of middle eastern and southwest Asians immigrate to provide a cheap work force. The latter is what is killing most of Europe now. Looks like they won’t have the US do help them out with that one.

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