Pandora Radio


Pandora Radio is a free on line radio station. Actually it’s several radio stations. You can even build your own around a favorite artist or genre of music. Create an account, log in, pick your favorite music, and listen.

It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?

In the Country section there are several genres and sub genres of music to choose from. The musical selections include well known and not so well known artists. I’d guess that the others are set up in a similar fashion.



  1. I love Pandora Radio! I find myself singing along much to my embarrassment when my co workers peek over the top of my cubby. And all those wonderful old country songs you pull up in an instant-

  2. i haven’t used pandora for a while, maybe i should try it again. i do find that if you leave it playing for a few hours, it morphs into some completely different genre than where it began. but it is fun 🙂 and FREE. that might be the best part!

  3. sarahbobeara it might be what they define as belonging to a particular genre. Western Swing has some elements of the Blues, so I see that the Western Swing channel includes some of that. I don’t know if Blues music includes steel guitar, but it might. The nice thing is that there is some very good off beat music that you won’t hear anywhere else.


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