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Victor Davis Hanson has written a wonderful piece for National Review Online entitled The End of Journalism. In it he sums up the feelings of many of people on the conservative side of the issues and the election. That includes me and many of the people that I know.

Maybe the Legacy Media is hoping that an Obama Administration will result in a return of the falsely named Fairness Doctrine, regulation of the Internet and blogs, especially conservative blogs, and a reprieve from their increasingly quick spiral into irrelevance and bankruptcy. At best, I think an Obama Administration might slow, but not halt the inevitable.

If he wins, I think that Obama will quickly become a very unpopular President as he reneges on promises (he’s already started) and proves incapable of handling the challenges that confront us. The problem is that the Main Stream Media has a vested interest in convincing the public that this isn’t so. As they continue to cover for the new President and his administration they will continue to lose viewers and readers. The central issue will be one of trust, and they have forfeited that precious commodity. The problem for them is that there is just too much information available from other sources. Great on line journalists such as Michael Yon have set the standard for telling the truth, even when it made the US look bad. Blogs such as Instapundit and Little Green Footballs continue to challenge the Dinosaur Media to tell the truth. That’s a challenge that the traditional media has failed to meet and they are paying the price.

Recently the bond status of the New York Times was reduced to “junk” status. The NYC Corporations profits continue to plummet as do other liberal media outlets. With alternative sources available, many former viewers and readers are turning to them because they are free and they appear to be more balanced.

In trying to help Obama win, the traditional media will end up being the big losers.

UPDATE: More words of wisdom from the great Mark Steyn.

… it was no longer possible to avoid the painful truth that, for a profession that congratulates itself incessantly on its courage, bravery, fearlessness, etc (far more than, say, firefighters do) and hands out awards all year long for “speaking truth to power”, most journalists are total pussies happy to suck up to state power as long as it’s in PC clothing.

Read the entire article. It’s not very long, but it’s very good.

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