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This, I’d like to see


Literally, I’d like to see this happen. Medicare to Cover Prescription Handguns?. The Food and Drug Administration has approved this for sale as a “Class 1 Medical Device”. The next step is, and I’m not making this up, to seek Medicare reimbursement because this is an aid to people with Arthritis and other chronic disorders that make holding a traditional handgun difficult or impossible.

If Medicare approves the device, then doctors will be able to prescribe them (to qualified patients) and the patients will be able to apply for reimbursement. A lot more fun than one of those scooter thingies!

The next step, in Massachusetts at least, would be to sue under the Americans with Disabilities Act for an exemption to the Attorney General’s “list” of approved firearms.

I’m sure the fine folks at the notoriously pro firearms AARP, will be all over this one.

OK, the last part was a joke, but the rest is serious.

I will never, ever, join the AARP as long as they conspire to deny senior citizens the right to self defense. Screw those insurance hucksters.

I don’t know who the people who run Constitution Arms are, but I like the way they think.

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  1. Cool. Sadly, the FDA withdrew their classification (apparently, some office wonks don’t think shooting is a recreational activity)…so the chance of getting reimbursement is pretty low.Might be worth picking up though, at some point.

  2. That is sad, shooting is definitely a recreational activity, although this particular firearm is not well suited for target shooting. It is well suited for self defense if you have problems gripping a stand firearm stock. I’d classify this as an “injury prevention” device myself.

  3. From what I glanced at, It looks like it may come with a laser sight. Not much for targets (at least not farther away), but would be kind of cool to try.Of course, I don’t think medicare reimburses for other disability-friendly recreational stuff (like recumbent trikes, for when your balance is finally shot too much for riding a 2 wheeler.


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