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Buy the Book, See the Movie, Buy the T Shirt!


OK, the movie is pretty doubtful, but you never know. Anyway, Ambulance Driver is pimping, hyping the crap out of, promoting his first book. Which is going to be reissued by a big publishing house, but with some new content and some of the potential litigation fodder, classic material deleted. The original is usually the best, but don’t let that stop you from buying both.

For a limited time (until they are all sold) you can get the original Life, Death, and Everything in Between from the original publisher.

While you’re at it, buy the T Shirt too! I came up with the idea and the guy who runs the site, who coincidentally is AD’s publisher, made them up. Be the first on your block to cynically predict what Obamacare will be like. You’ll be the coolest kid on your block. Would I lie to you? Don’t answer that, just buy the book and the shirt.

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