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It’s About Time


I’m adding my voice to the chorus of congratulations for Jim Rice on being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Why it took so long, I’ll never know. A great ball player who finally has received the recognition he deserves.

Henderson, Rice heading to Hall of Fame

Enjoy it Mister Rice, you certainly earned it.

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  1. He doesn’t fit, he belongs in the Hall of Very Good. However, now #14 will be retired at Fenway some point next season and I’m looking forward to it.I think with the steroid era more guys like him that are borderline will get in while the McGwires, Sosas, and Clemenses will miss out. That is the game policing itself.

  2. I don’t know that his number will be retired as the Red Sox are very reluctant, for some reason, to retire numbers. There are a lot of people who thing Tony Conigliaro’s number should be retired, but that hasn’t happened. Remains to be seen.

  3. http://www.fenwayfanatics.com/content/2008/02/29/did-you-know-department-retired-red-sox-numbers/The Sox have 3 Requirements1. Election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame2. At least 10 years played with the Red Sox3. Player has to finish career with Red Sox#3 was waived for Fisk and I expect it to be waived for Pedro Martinez down the line. Johnny Pesky was an exception and was more of a lifetime achievement award. The Red Sox are reluctant because the more numbers you retire the more it cheapens the honor. A good example of cheapening the honor is the Yankees.

  4. Frankly, I doubt they’ll waive #3 for Martinez. Schilling? Maybe, but they’d have to waive #2 and #3. I like the Red Sox approach far better than that of the Yankees, but that goes for just about everything.

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