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Winners and Losers 2008


Barrack Obama. Well, he’s obviously the biggest winner of the past year. On the other hand, I think some of his supporters are going to be the biggest losers of 2009, but that remains to be seen.

Hillary Clinton, loser. Her inevitability was apparent to everyone, except the voters. SecState is like a parting gift on a game show.

John McCain, loser. Well, he’s both. He surprisingly won the nomination, but ran an inept campaign with a muddy message. He coulda been a contender.

Sarah Palin, winner. They lost the election, but she is now a national figure. She’s still extremely popular, still young, still has years left to hone her experience. We’ll see her back again, which some people won’t like. Tough shit.

The Republican Party, mostly losers. They can’t run as Democrat Lite and expect to win. There are some bright spots on the horizon, mostly being handed to them by the Democrats. Who seem to be breathing new life into the term “Culture of Corruption”. Republican candidates have won the special elections that have taken place after the November 4 election. 2010 is going to be a very interesting mid term year.

Jay Leno. NBC had him slated to retire from the Tonight Show this year, but he decided he didn’t want to go quietly. So, NBC is giving him a 10:00PM prime time slot five nights a week. Which will only expand his audience while it saves NBC the cost of producing very expensive scripted dramas. So NBC will also win.

Conan O’Brien, loser. Maybe. It depends on how he does against David Letterman. Who, might be a winner.

Helicopter EMS, loser. As I said a few months back, if they don’t fix their problems, the government will. Which will only make things worse in the long run.

The US Military, winners. They are just made of win, top to bottom. Thank you for you service.

The Congress, winners. Made of FAIL, top to bottom. The amazing thing is that these morons keep getting re elected. Which probably makes the voters even bigger losers.

People who got in debt over their heads, mostly winners. The government is going to take money from the people who didn’t over buy, who do pay their bills and mortgages and bail you out.

I’m sure you have your own list, but that’s mine.

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  1. McCain – He lost the general, but only because he lost the “Real McCain.” When he tried to morph himself into Bush the 3rd he killed any Democrat Xover, and severely limited Independent support. The McCain of 2004 would have won the general. I still place him in the winner category, due to his post-election behavior. This is a stretch, I know, but I think McCain may be one of those rare critters – an honest politician.Palin – I can’t dispute your assessment, but I can’t say I’m happy about it. My opinion only, but we really don’t need dogmatists in positions of political power. The US Military – You nailed it. My hat is off.

  2. Sorry MB, but McCain lost the general because he was running against a guy that had already staked out that territory. He had no platform, meandered aimlessly from position to position, and refused to demand that Obama actually hold any position on anything. As we are seeing, Obama is following the Bush lead on Iraq (we’ll have forces there for years to come), Afghanistan, the economy (for now), and most other Bush positions. Mainly because he’s smart enough to know that we won in Iraq, can win in Afghanistan, and so on. Only the medias portrayal of Palin is dogmatic. Anyone who bothers to read past NY Times and AP hit pieces on her can see that. Well, she is dogmatic on one thing. She staunchly defends the 2nd Amendment. Which is a good thing.

  3. Wrong. Conservatives supported McCain even if they were holding their nose while pulling the lever. McCain lost moderate votes because he tried to move right and was disingenuous about it. It was the moderates and independents that cost the election.I can’t believe you actually insinuated that I don’t “read past the ny times”. You know me better than that. Hell, I strongly support the 2nd. The difference between Palin and me is that I also support the other 24… with the possible exception of the 16th. ;~b

  4. You must have seen different poll data than I did. What I saw indicated that a lot of conservatives just said no to voting. The “coat tails” of that was that a lot of under card candidates also lost. Evidence of that is that in several special elections since the November 4 election, conservatives won.

  5. Perhaps true, but I saw no such disadvantage in the elections I was watching. Anyway, it the end it won’t matter. This is just another swing of the pendulum.

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