Update On The Pittsburgh Story


I just saw an update to the Pittsburgh story on Fox News. The news reader said that up to six medics, which would be all three crews that responded, now face disciplinary action. Public Safety Director Huss continues to act disgracefully in this matter by blaming the medics and refusing to acknowledge that this was a systemic break down caused in large part by his failure to adequately respond to the weather emergency.

Adding the fire department to medical responses is at best a PR move and at worst a cynical maneuver to increase fire department run counts in the face of declining demand for fire services.

As is the new order by Huss that all responders will have to walk to the door of the call no matter what the weather. Play acting for the media. What a pathetic way to respond to a failure by Huss and other city managers.

If Michael Huss had any integrity, he’d resign. If the Mayor of Pittsburgh had any, he’d demand that Huss do so. But, apparently neither one does, so they’ll just dump responsibility for this incident on those who have the least ability to fight back.



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