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What Passes For Humor


The other night we had a particularly messy call. A patient with a lower GI bleed manifesting itself with vomiting blood and bloody stool. Add to this that the patient was extremely ill, we had inept BLS guys with us, it was hot and humid as hell, and the patient vomited all over the inside of our ambulance and you have all the components for a really crappy call.

Later on, after we had delivered the patient to the ED, we were cleaning up the back of the ambulance. As noted, it was hot and humid, which was taking a toll on both of us.

We were almost done and my partner was going to put some equipment away in one of the exterior compartments. This particular compartment has a big door on the outside and a small plastic slider on the inside. This allows access to one part of the compartment from inside or outside the ambulance.

My partner stepped outside the ambulance to open the exterior door and I was suddenly struck by inspiration. I opened the slider and stuck my head into the compartment. When my partner opened the door I yelled out “I ain’t got no body!” ala Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein. My partner jumped back and yelled out when he saw me. Then we both started laughing hysterically and the tension and stress of the call was broken.

Sort of like this,

[youtube]dWMBgF-UCIY?fs [/youtube]

Yep, cheap and stupid humor, it’s what we live for in EMS.

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