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If You Don’t Have Enough Aggravation In Your Life


This is the job for you!

General Job Information
“Pay Plan, Series & Grade: FS-0081-10
Agency: D. C. Fire & Emergency Medical Services
Area of Consideration: Agency Wide
Closing Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Collective Bargaining Unit (Non-Union): This position is not in a
collective bargaining unit.
Duration of Appointment: Permanent
Number of Vacancies: One (1)
Opening date: Thursday , September 9, 2010
Promotion Potential: None
Salary Range: $126,346.00 – $143,744.00
Tour of Duty: 8:15 am – 4:45 pm Monday – Friday
Brief Description of Duties: Incumbent serves as Assistant Fire Chief for Emergency Medical Services, providing direction, oversight and advice on
matters relating to the management of emergency medical services. Provides executive management, policy direction, strategic and financial planning,
and program evaluation to ensure the attainment of the agency goals and objectives. As directed by the Fire and EMS Chief, develops liaisons with
representatives of the state and local government jurisdictions for concerns involved in emergency medical services for the purpose of improving the
service and developing regional programs. May be subject to operational mobilization for major or complex incidents. Prepares annual budget
requests, justifications and requisitions for supplies and equipment necessary for proper and efficient emergency medical services delivery. As
directed, works closely with the Department of Health and other stakeholders to assure frequent and cooperative communications with all hospitals
participating in the District of Columbia Emergency Services System and effective links among all aspects of emergency medical care. Responsible
for overseeing the development and maintenance of administrative reports to the Fire and EMS Chief, and other Assistant Fire Chiefs. Researches and
presents information on an on-going basis of varying illustrations, proposals and trends which would enhance or affect patient care delivery

An almost as thankless job as being Medical Director for DC Fire EMS. The posting has closed already, which means that all applications must already be in.
I wish a hearty good luck to the poor bastard lucky soul who takes this job.

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