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Something a bit more lighthearted today.

Harry Morgan is one of the most durable character actors in Hollywood history. His first credited fllm role was in To The Shore s of Tripoli in 1942. Before that he did theater and radio work. He appeared with John Wayne in The Shootist, Henry Fonda in The Oxbow Incident, Jimmy Stewart in The Far Country, Bend of the River, and Strategic Air command, as well as High Noon with Gary Cooper.

Most people probably know him as Colonel Potter in MASH and completely forgettable AfterMASH. Before that he was Bill Gannon in the second Dragnet TV series (and had a cameo as Capt. Gannon in the 1987 parody), and before that Pete Potter in December Bride as well it’s spin off Pete and Gladys. That’s more TV series than most actors even appear in, let alone have a major role in.

His entire filmography reads like history of the golden era of Hollywood movies. He could act in drama or comedy with equal success, his versatility was no doubt the reason for his long, varied, and successful career.

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  1. I love Harry Morgan; he is a fantastic actor and he did a wonderful job playing Colonel Potter for all those years! Glad to see he’s still kicking at 95! Go Harry! You’re awesome!

  2. We just got finished watching MASH on METV…It is great to see the old programs again. I remember watching MASH with my dad many years ago..we absolutely loved it. Not only do I enjoy watching MASH…But I also enjoy watching DRAGNET…Harry Morgan is the BEST…WE LOVE YOU HARRY….

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