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Sometimes, even when you don’t agree with the message someone delivers, principled people, of which I consider myself one, must stand up for someone’s right to say something unpopular or even offensive without fear of retribution. For that reason I join with Borepatch and other bloggers in declaring that,

I’ve read Dispatches from TJICistan but have not linked to him.  He is, as Borepatch points out a an extreme, maybe even radical, small government kind of blogger. While he has some good points about government waste, I see a slightly larger role for government, especially at the local level, where it’s easier to control spending. Or should be.  I didn’t read this post that prompted the suspension of his License To Carry, but while  it’s not the kind of thing I would have written, he certainly should be  free to exercise his First Amendment Rights without having his Second Amendment Rights curtailed. This is an example of the unfettered discretion which police chiefs have in Massachusetts when it comes to issuing Licenses to Carry Firearms. It’s also an example of the capricious, arbitrary, and unreasonable decisions that some chiefs feel free to make without accountability to anyone.

While the government of Massachusetts will no doubt go down kicking and screaming when it is finally forced to follow federal law when it comes to the Second Amendment, it will in fact be forced to do so. Cases like this, just hasten the inevitable.

If you are a reader and a blogger, I ask that you join us. Remember, if they can trample TC’s rights, they can trample all of our rights.

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After a long career as a field EMS provider, I'm now doing all that back office stuff I used to laugh at. Life is full of ironies, isn't it? I still live in the Northeast corner of the United States, although I hope to change that to another part of the country more in tune with my values and beliefs. I still write about EMS, but I'm adding more and more non EMS subject matter. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Thank you for your support. I especially appreciate support of folks that don’t fully agree with me – it shows real class.

    • In some ways, it’s more important to support the free speech rights of people we don’t agree with than those with whom we do agree. I wouldn’t have made the statement you did, and would probably have said something in the comments if I had read it. Which is besides the point. Your right to carry a firearm and possibly defend your life should not be dependent on not saying things that the police chief or some other political hack might not approve of.

      I’d like to think that the founding fathers would be appalled at the actions of the police chief and would stand with us on this.

      As I’ve posted before, the First Amendment exists to protect unpopular speech. Speech that the powers that be approve of doesn’t need protection.

      Oh, if you restore you blog to the public domain, I will link to it, even if it’s just to disagree with you. 😉

    • In addition to TC getting his rights back, I hope that Hightower v Boston gets all of us our rights back.

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