Not So Random Ed Bruce (and Charlie Louvin)


Since I haven’t done a Country Music post in a while, I thought I’d post a couple by Ed Bruce. A very good song writer, and pretty good singer, Bruce wanted to be an actor and in the mid 1980s cut back on music to pursue that. Which I find interesting, because it just shows that most people want to be something else, no matter how successful they are. But I digress.

Here is one he wrote and recorded that later on became a huge hit for Willie Nelson. Who is a pretty good singer, but a terrific song writer.


In 1980 he wrote and recorded the melancholy “Last Cowboy Song”


Among his other songs was “See the Big Man Cry Mama” which was a pretty big hit for Charlie Louvin in the 1960s. Louvin passed away from cancer last week at 83.


More serious stuff tomorrow or later today if I get some time.


  1. Thanks for the songs. It’s been too long since I’ve thought about Ed, and I’ve loved The Last Cowboy Song for qute awhile – even a little Willie singing along!

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