Update On The AHA Update


I called the AHA help line one minute past 0900 (Eastern time) and was met with a 45 minute hold time. Turns out I’m not the only person who had a problem with the BLS course. The very nice customer service representative who answered the phone helped me solve the problem and get my certificate of completion. It seems that the software is very glitchy and will terminate the course and issue a “completed unsatisfactorily” grade on your transcript even if you don’t take the test or complete the content. I got special dispensation from the customer service rep NOT to have to go through this course a third time and she trusted me to do independent study on snake bites, Jelly Fish stings, and the rest of the course content.

The AHA then made the mistake of sending me an online customer service satisfaction survey. I gave my rep high marks, but gave them low marks indeed for both the technical aspects of the website and the course content. I don’t expect an answer from them, but I did ask in the comments if they even bothered to test this mess before they unleashed it on the unsuspecting public.

Later today I’ll try the PALS instructor update and see what adventures await.


  1. Does the term “Death by Power Point” ring a bell? Crappy material doesn’t become better because they use flashy slides.

  2. I’m not looking forward to the CBT stuff… I have to finally bite the bullet and get instructor certs. It’s one of the requirements of being a sup and it finally caught up to me. All of the alphabet certs: CPR, ACLS, PALS, and at some point PHTLS. We recently hired a new educator who has all of the instructor trainer certs for all 4 of these, and when my manager got wind of it he set my feet on fire.

    I’m really not complaining as it was bound to happen. I was hoping I could get away with it a little longer, though…

    • Even though I hate alphabet courses, I think it makes some sense for supervisors to have instructor certifications in them. I wish my outfit required that as it would give the supervisors a bit more credibility. As it happens we have EMTs and paramedics who are not only alphabet course instructors, but OEMS examiners, chief examiners, and even I/Cs at the BLS and ALS levels. Which makes some of the supervisory staff less qualified than the people they are supposed to be supervising.

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