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Well, maybe. Last year I wrote a number of stories about a response by Pittsburgh EMS during a massive snow storm that paralyzed much of the city. Last year in a post titledĀ  Human Sacrifice I predicted that the paramedic Josie Dimon would be reinstated after arbitration. Turns out I was right.

Union says reinstated paramedic was a scapegoat

The city paramedics union is defending an arbitrator’s decision to reinstate a medic fired after last year’s snowstorm, saying she was made a scapegoat for the city’s failed storm response.

Of course the city isn’t taking this lying down. They are going to appeal the arbitrator’s decision to the next level whatever that is, and Josie Dimon will remain off the job until that is over. Not being at all conversant with Pennsylvania labor law I don’t know what the next step is, but I’m going to guess that unless there is some major flaw in the arbitrator’s decision, it will stand and at some point Dimon will be reinstated with back pay. Of course that story will get even less coverage than today’s story, but it won’t change the fact that the city was wrong to scapegoat MS Dimon.

Nothing like digging in when you’ve been proven wrong.

No doubt Rogue Medic will have more on this story in the next few days.

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  1. If common sense had ‘actually’ prevailed, we’d have seen City managers fired, not the paramedic thrown under the bus… Just sayin…

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