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Humor Is Where You Find It


I had to return some cable equipment to the cable company. The line was kind of long, especially for a Friday afternoon. At least I thought so. The three women working the counter didn’t seem all that efficient, so we waited. And waited. I commented to one of the other people in line that we now knew where all the people not smart enough to work at the DMV ended up. Which got a laugh out of a few people. The cable people had placed a high definition TV in the office so that the folks standing in line could entertain themselves whilst waiting. Only it was a boring cooking show that they had on. I looked at the remote in my hand and wondered. Surely they would have a “special” cable box that a customer waiting in line with a remote in their hand couldn’t use to channel surf, right? Wrong. I pressed a few buttons and got HBO. Then AMC. Then on to something else. The other people in line started giggling as I surfed through the channels. I asked if anyone had any special requests, but no one did. So, I just kept on surfing, just like at home.

It passed the time while we waited for what passed for service at the counter.

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After a long career as a field EMS provider, I'm now doing all that back office stuff I used to laugh at. Life is full of ironies, isn't it? I still live in the Northeast corner of the United States, although I hope to change that to another part of the country more in tune with my values and beliefs. I still write about EMS, but I'm adding more and more non EMS subject matter. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Another example of failed capitalism. then again, you were returning the product. I just today returned my AT&T U-Verse setup after learning 90% of what the salesman told me was false. I hate Comcast, so I’m back to DirectTV.

    • I’m less than in love with Comcast and will be looking at Verizon FIOS when my contract is up in the spring. My last “customer service” experience with Comcast ended up with the rep telling me she didn’t care if I went with FIOS or not. If possible, I’m going to make sure she gets her wish.

  2. Oh my goodness! So glad that I am not the only poor soul in this sinking boat! Comcast ugh!! Nothing nice to say about them esp. after they are now charging us $103.95 a month for services we don’t even have, or signed up for!! Yeah, figure that one out! The AG’s office is getting to know us really well.
    Totw…glad you found some humour, believe, we could use some right now with them too! Did they even know what you were doing? Of course, that would require an attention span for them….

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