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One Post Leads To Another


Then of course another. Sabra over at Trailer Park Paradise credits me in part for inspiring a post regarding Songs About Texas.  She missed three of my favorites, none really huge hits as far as I know. Well, maybe the Bob Wills one. Red Seagall is not well known outside of what I would consider hard corps country music and I don’t think “Sweet Mother Texas” was all that big for Waylon Jennings. Still they are all Texas songs by Texians of some note.

In no particular order here they are.




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  1. Embarrassingly enough, I didn’t know any of those offhand. Much as my dad listened to Bob Wills when I was growing up, you’d think I’d have at least remembered that one, but no. Of course, my list was pretty crazily stacked toward contemporary stuff (which is odd for me); I think probably the oldest one on the list was “Galveston”. Shows what I get for blogging starting at midnight.

    • Don’t be embarrassed, I’m an old fart and you’re not. From your list, I think of Galveston as a new song by that up and coming singer Glenn Campbell. 🙂

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