“We Report, You Decide”


Which is what Fox News claims they do. Give us an impartial report on events as they happen and arm us with the knowledge we need to make our own decisions. Right. Fox News is no more or less biased than CNN or MSNBC, quite frankly. The difference is that Fox claims impartiality while the others don’t. Which makes them less than totally honest, at least in my opinion. I expect blow hards like Bill O’Reilly to be opinionated. Ignorant of many things, but opinionated. It’s their news operations that I don’t expect to be biased, but are at the least sloppy.

After the Super Bowl last Sunday the news came out that about 1,500 people who had valid tickets didn’t have seats. There was some safety issue with the seats and the fire marshal declared that they seats couldn’t be used. The owner of the stadium refunded triple the face value of the tickets and some people were seated in a restaurant area where they ate, drank, and watched the game on big screen TVs. Others were accommodated in other ways, the details of which I forget right now. You can go to the Fox News site and find all sorts of print stories on the problems, but the original story aired on Sunday isn’t on the site. In that story the “fair and balanced” reporters reported on the problem and then gave their ill informed opinions on what should have happened. The fire marshal should have done this, the stadium owner should have done that, the NFL should order the stadium to do this. All of which without the pesky detail of actually knowing what actually happened.

As it turned out, the contractor was way behind schedule on building the seating area. In fact, he was working as late as Sunday afternoon when he just decided to stop and abandon the project. This story in the Kansas City Star, courtesy of Fire Geezer has a nice time line of the problems. From reading the story it seems that the fire marshal was being pretty thorough when it came to seating. Imagine the Fox News hysteria if the FM has issued a waiver and something happened. Then it would be a whole different slant on the story, because as we say in medicine, the view is always clear through the retrospectroscope. Somehow I don’t think that the Kansas City Star had some sooper seekrit sources not available to the news sleuths at Fox News. I just think the reporter from the Star did some research and managed to keep her personal thoughts out of the story. Maybe Fox News should hire her to teach their so called journalists how to research and prepare a news story. Because it’s pretty clear that the ones they have don’t know.

Oh, and a comment from my son while we were watching Fox News the other day, “It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Shepard Smith’s head exploded and an alien crawled out and starting eating everyone at Fox News.”

It wouldn’t be surprising at all.

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