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Train Wreck, The Follow Up


The patient survived and is doing, well, I guess OK. He had another infarction, which we knew, had another stent placed, and is conscious. His heart suffered major damage, for the medical folks his Ejection Fraction is 25%. For the non medical folks, the normal EF is anywhere from 50-70% or so depending on whose study you want to adhere to.

Not the best quality images, but I did them with my cell phone not a scanner. If you click on them they enlarge and become easier to see.








This is what we saw when we attached the ECG leads and turned the monitor on.







After six defibrillations we finally got a perfusing rhythm with a blood pressure. By this point the patient was sedated and intubated.





The 12 Lead ECG tells the story. If you’re not one of my medical readers I’ll just say that this is NOT the ECG you want to have. The patient has a long road to go for recovery.

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