A Town In Kenya Is Missing It’s Drunk


But that’s OK because the police in Framingham, MA found him alive, drunk, and well. And of course driving without a valid license, registration, or insurance.  Oh, and then there’s that little issue of being in the U.S. illegally.

Obama’s uncle arrested in Massachusetts


An uncle of President Barack Obama was arrested last week in Framingham, Massachusetts, for allegedly operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, police Lt. Ronald Brandolini told CNN on Monday.

Illegal immigrants, committing the crimes that Americans won’t. Well, except that there are plenty of Americans who drive drunk and don’t bother with this silly details about registrations, licenses, and insurance. So, I guess his work related visa won’t be issued. Not that it matters much since ole uncle Yangi was ordered deported in 2004 but is still hear while his appeal wends it’s way through the appeals process. At least now he’ll be kept in detention until his case is resolved. Right? RIGHT?

Dream on sucker.

Apparently ICE is playing “Catch and Release” yet again.

Obama’s uncle quietly released from jail

Officials released President Obama’s uncle from Plymouth County jail yesterday after holding him for more than two weeks on an immigration detainer for violating an order to return to his native Kenya in 1992.

US officials refused to disclose any other information about Onyango Obama, who remained in the United States undetected until Framingham police arrested him Aug. 24 on drunken driving and other charges.

Yesterday, federal immigration officials refused to say whether the 67-year-old Framingham resident posted bond, whether they are keeping track of his whereabouts, or even whether they are still seeking his deportation, raising questions about public accountability in the case.

I’m sure you’re tempted to think that this is yet another case of the White House using it’s influence to benefit a relative, friend, or big donor. Sadly, I don’t think it is. Or rather, I don’t think that the White House staff figured they’d need to do anything and that they could count on the ineptness of the bureaucracy to set him free. Seems they were right.

ICE won’t comment on this, but look at the record. Obama came here in 1963 more or less under the supervision of President Obama’s father’s supervision. He was in school, but dropped out. He was originally ordered deported in 1989, but appealed until he lost his appeal in 1992. Only no one seems to have actually done anything about it, so he continued to live here until his driving luck ran out a couple of weeks ago. Then he was arrested, an ICE order of deportation popped up and he was turned over to the feds. Who held him for two weeks and released him. Now, they won’t disclose the details of his release, including if he had to post bond or wear a GPS tracking device.

Granted, he’s not a hardened criminal and unless you get near his car when he’s driving, probably not much of a threat.

Still, he’s not supposed to be here and should have been put on a one way airliner trip to Kenya. Let them worry about him.

Somehow I think a lot of the illegal immigrant problem in this country is due to our own government not wanting to follow it’s own laws. Maybe, just maybe, it people thought that they would be caught and deported if they came here illegally, they’d stop coming here illegally.

No doubt someone will come along to tell me how silly I am.

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  1. Yawn…
    The Good Ole Boy system has always been with us as far as I can tell. There is no such thing as government of law without exception. Depending, each of us thinks it’s a good thing when it is in our favor.

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