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On September 10, 2001 the two big news stories of the day were sharks and that a young Congressional aide had disappeared. Sharks are always good news copies and the missing women was young, very attractive, and tied romantically to a US Congressman from California. The evening news shows provided extensive coverage of both.

Sixteen hours after the evening news on September 10, no one cared about either story. Except of course for the young woman’s family. From the morning of September 11 and for months after the only thing that anyone cared about was the four planes that were hijacked and the people that used them to attack our financial and political capitols.

Ironically this year sharks are in the news again and a minor story is about a woman who disappeared in Aruba. The big story this time around is the sorry state of the US (and world) economy. Some attention is paid to the War on Terror, or whatever euphemism the current Administration has decided will best minimize the effort of the military to find and destroy our enemies.

The United States and our allies fought a war in Iraq that was part of that effort. We’re still fighting a war in Afghanistan and other countries to find those enemies and destroy them.

In a speech he gave shortly after the attacks, President Bush said that this would be along war and that while we would hear of many of the battles, many would take place out of sight of the public. Despite the best efforts of a subversive media, that’s pretty much what has happened.

Many individual enemies have been killed or captured, but many more remain. We’re winning on many fronts, but we’re losing on some as well. Egypt is lost as an ally, as is Turkey. Libya, despite being an enemy, was also an ally. Strange bedfellows and all that. Yemen, like Saudi Arabia is both. The leaders of those countries don’t necessarily like us, but they fear the people who are our enemies. It’s a complex war we’re involved in, and Americans seem not to like complexity of that kind. We also seem to have a short attention span, but that’s because we have so many diversions to keep us distracted.

Make no mistake, the war that became apparent to all of us on September 11, 2001 is still going on. It’s likely to be going on ten years from now, although hopefully we will have won by then. Our enemies are patient, dedicated, and fanatically determined to win by any means necessary.

I won’t be posting tomorrow as there are going to be more than enough memorial posts on the Internet. All of the media hype seems to be aimed at making us think that like wars in the past, this one started on a specific date and that we’ll know when it’s over. We might know when it’s over, but I think the truth is we really won’t know.

As you go about your business tomorrow, remember the people that died on that beautiful September day and the people that have died since. Remember also, that it’s not over yet and that we can’t afford to lose focus.

Wahabism Delenda Est!

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  1. I’m going to be quiet as well (not that anyone will notice).
    Sit back, appreciate the love of family, smoke a good gar, & feel the loss of 10 years ago.
    It’s they way we were, & are.


  2. Concur- it’s not over, and we’ve lost almost 7000 continuing this ‘war’… I’d be pulling back and dropping Nukes to put an end once and for all… And telling the other leaders around the world THAT will be your fate if you continue to support terror. Although I’m confident Israel will beat us to the punch, since this administration has NO balls…

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