The UnMe


Probie to Practioner is not only new to the blogosphere, but she’s new to EMS as well. In her third post she takes me to task for a post I put up a couple of weeks ago. I don’t necessarily agree with her post, but if I only read blogs that I agreed with all the time then I’d be reading only one blog.

Go on over and say hello to her.




  1. You know, I *did* defend you in AD’s post on this subject, and I actually thought, “Crap, am I guilty of any this?”

    I’m used to being labeled as a so-called “young’n” because people consistently estimate my age a decade under the actual number. Hate to break it to her, but this will keep happening, and all you can do is hold your head up and do your best to disprove this. Those who actually work with me know I am willing to accept due correction and know that I bust my ass off at work as a 12-Lead Bitch.

    Then again, I might be placed in a different category because out of college and married with a deployed husband and have spent some time in the Real World dealing with all sorts of unfun grownup issues…

    • I know you defended me, and thank you. As young as you may be, it’s hard to imagine that you have anything but a good head on your shoulders. You have heavy load to carry, between work, family, and the deployment of LT Chia Pet and I think you do a marvelous job of handing it all.

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