A New Blogger


There’s always room for new bloggers and Mill Hill Ave Command just started up in early September of last year. His profile doesn’t tell us too much, in fact all we know is that he’s in “The Paris of Southwestern Connecticut”, but based on a little research, I’d think it might be the Detroit of Southwestern Connecticut. A physician me thinks, which I won’t hold against him.

Anyway, wander on over, welcome him to the blogosphere and wish him luck.


  1. I didn’t think I was hiding behind too much of a pseudonym, the web being pretty good at figuring out that kind of stuff! I also go by Doc Cottle (http://doccottlesdesk.blogspot.com/), and even as Kelly Bracket on some forums. I think I’ll add some information to my blog to make things clearer.

    My real name is Brooks Walsh, and I’m an attending at Bridgeport Hospital, which sits on Mill Hill Ave in Bridgeport CT. I’m interested in EMS education, obviously! I worked as a medic before med school, mostly for a hospital-based system in Rochester, New Hampshire.

    Thanks for the link. I’m still figuring out where to take the blog – guys like you set a high bar for newcomers!

    • You worked for Frisbee? I always thought that was a great name for a hospital. I used to know a couple of medics who worked up there. You don’t keep your name a secret and when you said “The Paris of southwest CT” it was easy to figure out that it was Bridgeport. Which is more like the Beirut or maybe Detroit of southwest CT.

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