On The Road Again


I’m out of here for a while for business and pleasure travel. Doing a bit of teaching, but mostly hanging around with friends I get to see far too infrequently. Then Thanksgiving in the south with family and new friends.

And of course so hog hunting. Or maybe just staring at fields hoping for a hog to hunt.

Anyway, I’ll be trying to post as I have time and interesting things to speak about.

For now, this musical interlude will have to entertain you.


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After a long career as a field EMS provider, I'm now doing all that back office stuff I used to laugh at. Life is full of ironies, isn't it? I still live in the Northeast corner of the United States, although I hope to change that to another part of the country more in tune with my values and beliefs. I still write about EMS, but I'm adding more and more non EMS subject matter. Thanks for visiting.