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My Thoughts On Newtown


I wasn’t going to add to the din on this because I think most posts, comments, news articles, TV spots, and other forms of public discourse have been thoughtless. Or cynical. Or agenda driven. That includes those by the people or organizations I usually agree with. There is a time and place, but now is neither.

So, I’m going against my instincts and will no doubt regret this, but here goes.

It’s a tragedy for all of those involved. They should mourn and bury their dead and then mourn some more. The police (generically) should stop releasing updates until they have a firm grasp on the facts. We should not have a “national conversation” about anything until we know what it is we’re going to discuss.

Politicians should just shut up.

News personalities should stop displaying their ignorance on the topic.

“Experts” on the various cable news networks should stop making stuff up for the few hundred dollars they might be made.

People who want to make money or get publicity talking about “Lessons Learned” or how we can be better prepared should wait until we know what happened. I don’t know that we’ll ever know why.

Everyone else should just be thankful it didn’t happen in their town or city to their family. I have a large proportion of family members and friends who teach or work at public schools. I shudder to think that something like this could happen.

I hope that the parents and others in Newtown can find their way past this. I just don’t know how they will.

So, I’ll just shut up and pray for them and the victims.

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  1. Between you and Ambulance Driver, all that needs to be said about the tragedy in Newtown has been said. Thank you.

  2. Amen. Thank you for this. There’s a time and a place when logical, practical, and thought-out discussions should happen. But now is not it. Now is a time for emotions, picking up the pieces, and healing.

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