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The Bloggers I Met At The NRA


First I’ll say that the National Rifle Association is very blogger friendly. Once we had our press credentials we were treated just like the “real” media. Full access to everything that they had, plus a bit more because we are gun owners as well as bloggers. Nothing big, just a little inside baseball information. The NRA is embracing alternative media wholeheartedly. At least it seemed that way. There was a press room with tables, chairs, electricity, and WiFi. Snacks and drinks too.

That gave us a convenient place to sit and also served as a meeting point where we could plan our day and coordinate our activities with the other bloggers. I think some of the “real” journalists were looking down on us, but none of the bloggers really seemed to care.

Anyway, on to the bloggers in no particular order.

“Awelowynt” of Snooze Button Ronin. He explains where he got the name “Awelowynt” and it’s not an acronym like “TOTWTYTOR”. I’m not a gamer, so I don’t quite get the reference, but no matter. He’s a gun blogger from Illinois, a not very gun friendly state.

Robert Morse of Slow Facts. Since he’s an engineer, his posts are well thought out as you’d expect. We had a nice conversation at one of the blogger dinners, I just forget specifically which one because we socialized quite a bit. Well worth reading.

Kathy Jackson of Cornered Cat. I’ve not been a regular reader because her site and blog are more geared to women shooters or would be shooters. She’s a charming lady and we had a long chat about… cats. Several of which she is owned by. She also gave me an autographed copy of her book which is going to my daughter in law as she starts her journey towards armed self protection. She’ll be able to protect herself, her children, and if need be, her husband. That’s a conscious decision and I expect that Kathy’s book will help her tremendously. Thanks Kathy.

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    • It was a pleasure to chat with you during dinner, I’ve met some very interesting people through my blog.

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