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They Needed A Study For This?


Certain Beer Brands Tied to More ER Visits, Study Finds

FRIDAY, Aug. 16 (HealthDay News) — Five brands accounted for the largest amounts of beer consumed by people before they were treated for injuries at an emergency department in a large U.S. city, according to a new pilot study.

Of the five brands (Budweiser, Steel Reserve, Colt 45, Bud Ice and Bud Light), three are a type of “malt liquor,” which has a higher alcohol content than regular beer.

Just about any police officer or paramedic could have told them this without a study.

“Recent studies reveal that nearly a third of injury visits to Level I trauma centers were alcohol-related and frequently a result of heavy drinking,” lead author David Jernigan, director of the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health, said in a Hopkins news release.

That should probably read the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Nannyism, but I digress. Again this isn’t something that should require a study unless you are working towards a PhD in stating the blindingly obvious. When people drink or do drugs for that matter, they often do stupid things and often end up in either jail or the hospital. Sometimes they hit the Daily Double and end up in both.

“Understanding the relationship between alcohol brands and their connection to injury may help guide policy makers in considering taxation and physical availability of different types of alcohol given the harms associated with them,” he explained.

Understanding human nature would help the researchers understand that people who are going to drink and do stupid things are going to drink and do stupid things. If you make their #1 choice expensive, they’ll find an alternative. Apparently you can be well credentialed and not have a clue of how the real world works.

The next step in this line of research would be to conduct a larger study in multiple ERs and cities, the study authors suggested. They added that policy changes from this research could include: requirements for clear labeling of alcohol content on malt liquor beverages; limits on malt liquor availability and marketing; and graduated taxation of beer based on alcohol content to discourage people from drinking beer with higher alcohol levels.

Once again a stunning lack of common sense and real world understanding are exposed by so called experts. A graduated tax policy in the real world would have nothing to do with discouraging people from doing anything. It would just be another money grab under the guise of “helping people”. A higher tax on beer with a higher alcohol content just means that people would spend more money drinking more beer with a lower alcohol content.

Just more of the public health crowd trying to do so social engineering under the guise of health care.

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